10 Copywriting Examples That’ll Leave You Inspired

10 copywriting inspirations by leo saini

Written by Leo Saini

An experienced copywriter who has generated over $1 million for clients.

2nd February 2021

Looking for some copywriting inspiration?

Well, I can tell you this: I have been a copywriter for a few years now, and despite all the experience, I still face the dreaded writer’s block sometimes.

During such times, we all need some inspiration, don’t we?

Well, here are the 10 examples of some fine copywriting that I have compiled to inspire you. Enjoy!

1. Vodafone’s Endless Data Plan Ad

leo saini copywriting examples 1

If Vodafone’s exciting data plan itself doesn’t draw attention, the extra A’s in the word ‘data’ will. What a clever to advertise a service that’s unlimited. I mean, the A’s stretch all the way till the margin of the web page. Whoever is the copywriter behind this, lots of respect for you!

2. Corona Beer’s Potential Ad Created by Me

Leo Saini copywriting example 2

Well, I created this one back in early 2020 when some people thought that the virus originated from this beer. No jokes, this hoax really cost the beer manufacturer. I’m pretty sure that the name ‘corona’ itself might raise some eyebrows. Actually, it means ‘crown’ in Spanish. But after the pandemic, the whole meaning has changed. So, as a copywriter, I took on the responsibility to create this ad pro bono and promoted it on my LinkedIn profile.

3. ‘No Parking’ Means ‘No Parking’

leo saini copywriting examples 3

Well, this is not completely a copywriting example, but the person who came up with this is definitely capable of becoming a successful copywriter. Also, seems like someone is really frustrated with people parking in front of their business. But hey, at least they were kind enough to write a ‘thank you’ at the end.

4. This Might Be the Reason Why We Have Strict Advertising Laws These Days

Leo Saini copywriting example 4

Well, I’m not a doctor, but I’m pretty sure that butter doesn’t lubricate your arteries. Yes, I have heard about people’s arteries getting blocked due to fat, though. That is the reason why advertisers these days could be liable for huge fines if they make false claims. Back in the day, the laws weren’t that tough. Now, fortunately, they are. So, no matter how good the copywriter is, don’t believe everything you read on an ad.

You might be wondering, “How is this example inspiring?” Well, at least it will inspire you to not be a total conman when it comes to copywriting. That’s some really good inspiration if you ask me.

5. Keep It Clean

leo saini copywriting example 5

Every little bit, or ‘litter’ bit, counts. I clicked this picture in Auckland, New Zealand. If you look closer, you can actually see a spooky little image of me being reflected from the glass. New Zealand is a beautiful, clean and a small country. It’s really important to keep it neat and tidy all time. Hence, every litter bit counts, because it will only take a little bit of litter to make this small, scenic country dirty.

6. Be Empathetic When You’re Causing Delays

leo saini copywriting example 6

This one was clicked in a New Zealand mall. There was some construction going on at the time and it was kind of causing inconveniences. However, surely the mall has a great marketing team, and that team has an amazing copywriter who came up with this.

7. Stop Overthinking

leo saini copywriting example 7

Again, I clicked this picture at a bus stop in New Zealand in 2017. Remember your first kiss? You probably do. But I’m sure you don’t feel the anxiety you had at that time anymore. In the end, everything turns out to be alright. Westpac bank is trying to convince people to take home loans with this ad. It true, taking on a huge mortgage might seem a bit scary initially. However, having your own home and not needing to pay the rent when you retire is the best thing ever.

8. Eco-friendly Shopping Cart

leo saini copywriting example 8

This was a shopping cart at a New Zealand supermarket. Being a copywriter, I immediately clicked a picture of this epic piece of copy. I mean, what a creative way to say that this cart is made out of 66 recycled milk containers. Simply genius!

9. Classic Clickbait From 1927

leo saini copywriting example copywriter 9

A classic example of a catchy headline by the U.S. School of Music written in February 1927. Remember, if your headline is not good, all the hard work in the body of the text will be of no use! The purpose of a headline is to entice the reader to read the whole story till the end.

10. A Cough While Saying This Could Result in a Slap on the Face

leo saini copywriting example 10 copywriter

This one is for the men. When your woman is suspicious about that girl you met at the gym, or if she thinks that you’re having an affair with your female coworker, simply tell her that she’s a friend — without coughing!

The ad is created by Ricola to promote their cough drops, and I must say, the copywriter behind this nailed it.

Who am I?

My name is Leo Saini and I have been a copywriter for the past few years. I have generated over $1 million in revenue for my clients so far. Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn – here’s the link.

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